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You Never Knew This About John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller had begun to strike oil. Next he needed to transport it to the east coast. Rockefeller looked for a deal with a railroad company to move the oil. He found one and the President agreed to meet him. It was the meeting of a lifetime and the young Rockefeller felt lucky to get it.

He was late to the train and it left without him. Heartbroken, he knew he had missed the meeting of a lifetime.

That train crashed on the way to New York and killed many aboard.

The man Rockefeller was planning to meet was Cornelius Vanderbilt, aka the Commodore, and the richest man in America.

Rockefeller took the incident as a sign from God. He turned to faith, focused on being a Baptist, and after building his business made his way to New York. This time, he knew what he wanted. The deal he struck with his new confidence and leverage was the initial deal for an empire that would lead to his founding Standard Oil and a personal fortune worth an estimated $300+ billion upon his death in 1937 (adjusted for inflation.)

Good lesson in slowing down and gaining focus before launching into a partnership because you think there is no other way.

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