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Why Ivy League?

Business Insider wrote an interesting piece on great candidates who were rejected from Harvard Business School:

But this is part of a bigger issue. Why are we obsessed with numbers for students? Why do their grades and how many extracurricular programs they have matter?

No one can go pro in being smart and people will succeed in one passion, not their ability to keep going thing to things just to have a long list of affiliations. We are backward on this, and the economy will pay a big price for it.

Part of the problem is this has become a two-sided debate. Either you are pro-academia or you think people do not need a college education to be successful. This is not either or…it’s both and.

College is important and if you have the opportunity to go, you should. It is the chance to learn more, and learn skills you will need in the workplace. But it should NOT be your sole priority. Work experience needs to be. It amazes me how many people I know who have no plans leaving college but have big ambitions and do not want to settle.

Think about it this way:

– You will pay $200,000 for a college education as an investment in your career

– You’ll start in the real world with a huge amount of debt

– You have a degree thousands of others also have

– You want self-made executives to hire you

– But you won’t go to one during college and say I’m not looking for money, I just want experience and a chance. Will you give it to me?

To colleges: You need to tell students how essential it is for them to get out of the classroom and learn the things you cannot teach. Don’t just say it to them, either. Design your program so they CAN work.

To students: College will teach you the skills that can be taught, but so much more can’t be. You need to learn how to work, how to meet people, how to function in the real world. People can do well without college, but no one does well without knowing how to work.

Find your passion. It may change over time, but find what you want to do and work at it. I did not say succeed at it or make money at it, I said work at it. Profits will follow passion, not the other way around.


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