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3 New Questions About Trump

Donald Trump has been changing the election cycle permanently. It seems everywhere we turn, we see his thumbs up and his one-liners. “Make America Great Again” has embedded itself in our culture.

Despite this, there is huge (not Yuge) resistance to the Trump rise. This post is not about who to vote for, but rather just share a few questions maybe some Americans, the media, and especially the RNC may be ignoring:

1- Groundwork: Candidates spend careers developing groundwork to run campaigns and get votes. Sure Donald is winning off a largely national media imprint, but is it not notable he went from no political experience, to dominating in primaries? Any seasoned political guru will tell you the primaries are a special animal…is it not impressive Trump has learned how to win at this game in a few months?

2- Foreign Policy: With good reason, a significant critique of The Donald has been his lack of experience with foreign policy. But how much different is the experience he has versus a Ted Cruz? Or a Bernie Sanders? Or Barack Obama? In the end, will it not come down to building the best team to give him the best advice? It seems like ultimately foreign policy  for a President comes down to 1) outlining a vision, 2) selecting the people best suited to execute it, and 3) making decisions off their views. Sounds like a CEO’s job to me…

3- Damage to the RNC: The GOP prides itself on small government, power of the individual, and personal responsibility. Trump has brought record turn out of voters, and like it or not, they have been clear. The like Trump. So let’s say the GOP decides to ignore Trump’s overwhelming success so far, and find a way to pick their candidate at the Convention…What will the effect be for the GOP when they tell their voters they know better, and the votes millions of Americans cast do not matter as much as their personal preference?

20130123-160600.jpgThree questions. How they play out is anybody’s guess. But until next time, just something to think about.


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