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Full Disclosure

Since the politically correct and frequently stupid will probably take issue with most things on this website, we thought a notice of disclosure would be useful:

“We at The News Pocket, enjoy humor, laughter, chuckling, and most other kinds of enjoyment. Some in our world make a living off humor. Unfortunately it seems those that lean toward the politically right are often not held to the same standards as the left. When the right calls someone a slut, it’s career ending. If someone on the left says the same thing, it’s witty, inventive, and creatively risky. Yeah….not so much.

The New Pocket is provocative and seeks to entertain those who are not finding their views represented in the comedy landscape today. When we post something as a joke, it is just that, a joke, and like the Stewarts, Mahers, and Colberts of the world, we would appreciate a similar comedic license. If this offends you, please turn on Comedy Central.”

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