The News Pocket

The Prototype Of Communication & Knowledge Entering Tomorrow


In 1966, Walt Disney first shared his vision for what would become his largest undertaking. EPCOT was

Epcot Center

supposed to be an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Disney understood the most important gift someone could leave behind was that of creation and innovation.

He realized entrepreneurship was the tool to America’s greatness and he fought to do his part.

Disney never lived to see the dream we know as Epcot Center come to life. Now, almost half a century later, we are trying to innovate in an entirely new way, but with Disney’s Epcot in mind.

In America, there is a hole in our culture. I’m not talking about rap or violent movies, but for some reason we have allowed the left to take over the media. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have invented an entirely new way of communicating and entertaining people, but they only represent part of our population.

Rearranging the word “pocket” includes the phrase “epcot.” This is because The POCKET stands for the Prototype of Communication & Knowledge Entering Tomorrow. We are starting small, but we believe Americans are still builders, and are ready to take up the struggle in creating a new media for future generations. This is not a news site, but we will entertain you and cover certain issues.

Our world is changing at light speed. In Disney’s day, he saw great change around him, but nothing like what we see every day. Each of us who uses the Internet yield a massive power. Whether it be the power to influence an election, launch a protest, lead a boycott of a company, or start a revolution, the Internet has allowed us to be empowered to change the world from our computer or phone.

The Mainstream Media has let this power go to their head, and they are not innovating for the future. The POCKET is a prototype of tomorrow’s media. As the media begins to change, we will be there to bring the common sense ideas of American Principles into the 21st Century.

Disney always challenged his staff to “plus” the last thing they had done. We will do the same.

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